Snow raking the fifth wheel

Joining with Gary and Mickey on our out west trip are Jack and Lynne Bolt and Ron and Ruth Evenhouse. We’re in the preparation phase for a 1/25 departure. Acquiring generators, extra batteries, canceling Netflix, drain the washing machine, getting extra meds, doing campground reservations, watching weather forecasts, getting doggie Ativan for Willow, and tens of other things as we get ready to hit the road for a couple of months.

There’s also a big other worldly component to doing old people tripping in the middle (how do we know it’s the middle when we don’t know the end) of Covid. I turn 73 next week. The rest aren’t far behind me. The limited number of years remaining awareness vs hunker down Covid concerns is worth examining. So we’ll stick with our pod, mask up, lots of outside, and firstly and lastly knowing to Whom we belong we’re doing another road trip.

Here’s the itinerary. Southern route by way of Memphis, Dallas, El Paso, Tucson. One nite stands on the way out except for two nites at City of Rocks State Park, New Mexico. And then Catalina State Park, Tucson, Lost Dutchman Phoenix, Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Desert California, Moro Bay (on the Pacific), Grand Canyon, and Camp Verde in northern Arizona.
The Bolts and Evenhouses will start working their way home from there. Gary and Mickey traveling to TBD for another three weeks or so. Back by the first of April. So stay tuned for our retirement adventures.