We stayed at the Grizzly Bear campground in the corner by the foods trucks. The Mexican one opens early and the Thai one stays open late. We didn’t eat at them and when we all sat done for Beth’s oven (in a class C) baked spaghetti pie, some of the Thai customers were looking interested in her meatballs. On the way into the park we did the entrance sign shot curtesy of a girl from Mexico and one from Indonesia. Truly a cosmos attraction. the

We’ve done the Savage River hike 5 times now. It’s a great of a certain generation hike and this we saw bunches of mountain goats and a touchdown Jack. That boy can wonder off and in this case upaa the mountain.

Another tradition is shopping for T shirts and grandkids gifts and then the Salmon Bake restaurant home of the famous fish bowl. We ate fish and the girls drank from the fish bowl. Shortly afterward the geriatric comedy club came on strong. One in particular (you know who you are) was in fine form.

The Denali highlight was a Sunday morning drive up the hill praying we see her. Saturday was cloudy and drizzling. Almost to the last viewing area there she was. Some of us (you know who you are) moved to tears (same one as the night before). So we dodges the buses and thanked God for his artistic goodness.


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  1. Jack Bolt

    Gary, your spelling and sentence structure needs work, but keep trying.😊

  2. Lin and Gary

    Got in
    Stunning views
    Sounds like everyone handled the “bah humbug” moments just fine
    And had a lot of fun
    Back home is good too,huh?