First shot is actually the day before we left after the second snow rake of the roof of our rig. Second shot following Jack on 131.I had found a long range weather forecast about two weeks ago and have done way to many weather checks. Waste of time cause we still left in heavy snow. The lake affect was still bad Tuesday morning so we did M 40 to Otsego where we met Jack and Lynne and continued on 131 to the toll road to Chicago. That took four hours. But clear boring sailing for the length of Illinois and over the Mississippi to Charleston Missouri, Boomland campground where at $15.00 for full hook up it made this old Hollander happy. Wednesday was overnight in Mount Pleasant Arkansas. Uneventful driving other than what a lot of trucks. One count was six out ten. We drive at 65 so get passé by just about everybody. But our mileage is pretty good at 11.4.
The mantra for this trip comes from Anna, “ It’s not the journey or the destination, it’s the people you travel with”. Jack and Lynn now and soon Ron and Ruth, but all those other people trips that we’ve done over the years have enriched my life.
Yesterday was Texas to Abilene through the area I learned how to fly helicopters in the Army. Seeing the towns and countryside that I inhabited 51 years ago was a memory lane trip. The day culminated with kid and grand kid calls, birthday ribs, and a birthday cake candle blow out. My birthday review and evaluation is “Showers of blessings and mercy drops round me are falling” and God give me more.


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  1. Jude Hofman

    Thanks for this window into your trip! Love to hear of your experiences!

  2. Ruth Evenhouse

    Will be joining you soon!
    Happy Belated, old friend! ❤️

  3. Henry Stahnke

    Thank you. I enjoy these adventures.

  4. Henry Stahnke

    Thank you. I enjoyed watching these blogs.

  5. Kim

    Happy birthday Gary!!