We did dinner at the Angry Goat in Dawson City. Greek stuff for the first time on the trip. Did the town tour and ran into a couple our age on Princess Cruise Line tour from South Carolina. They dressed and smelled of money. We dress and smell of trailer trash. They couldn’t quite believe that we traveled all the way from Michigan in a trailer and that we’re still friends. She wanted to try it, he not so much. The one pic is a paddle wheel river boat, the the is a gold dredger. The dredger doug a continuous pond to float and dig the gold oar.

A short 130 mile day from Dawson City the next day. Couple of the usual follow me trucks and dusty gravel stretches and here we are at the McIntyre municipal park in hold the Mayo.

So for our annual Young State Park we do incredible efforts 6 months ahead of time to get sites together and pay $38.00 per night. The Mayo municipal park on the Mayo river is drive in, on the river, and freeee. Gotta do more of this dry camping.

After unhooking the rigs we drove up to Keno City an almost ghost town that mined a whole lot of silver in the past. The museum gave us a feel of how hard life was back in the silver rush days. Happy hour and dinner at Rivers Edge Free Campground.

On Thursday (I think) we camped atTakhini Hot Springs just short of Whitehorse. Jack went and got a oil change at the same place I did a couple of weeks ago. Dinner in the House cause it’s drizzling out. And then off to much needed hot water therapy. One part of the pool hot and the another part really hot. As guy side note it’s hard to compete with mushy over the top romantic type Jack. As per the underwater hot kiss. I guess my lite peck will just have to do. Check out Lynn’s rock hat. The therapy worked cause we all slept inn.

Good road conditions and a short day to Watson Lake the home of the sign post forest. The downtown campground is. Gravel parking lot, but full hookups plus WiFi make the $43.00 Canadian ( $31.00 US) worth it. The big rigs are a caravan that did two months to Alaska and back. We looked hard for the JP’s coffee shop sign that Barry and I put up on our motorcycle trip-couldn’t find it. Here’s some that stood out. The “prepare to meet thy God” one was what I was thinking on some of these roads. Especially when the idiot locals would pass on a yellow line.