Fairbanks was the terminus, as in 5,500 miles so far and we’re on the way back. A short day from Denali to Fairbanks with a stop for a 11:00 beer at the 49th State Brewing Company, in Healy. Saw a the movie bus from Into The Wild.

Made reservations at the River View campground, screwed up and went to the River’s Edge campground where they didn’t have any record of our reservations. It worked out because Rivers Edge had the Chena’s Alaskan Grill . The seafood fettuccine, Salmon, Chicken, Crab Cakes, and bison/reindeer/pork/beef/ meatloaf. This was way better than the planned leftovers. Bob asked what kind of wine goes with fettuccine and ordered his usual beer.

This in a KenworthTerryJeep rig. Alaskans are adept at recycling.

The next morning hugs with B&B and we’re off to Walmart to get potty pellets. Potty pellets are indispensable to RV camping and the fact we’re on our second pack shows how long we’ve been on the road. Fred Meyer had pretty cheap diesel.

The joy of traveling with another couple is that Lynne laughs at my funnies. This morning when Lynne asked where are we going today; I said to Ptarmigan (which the locals couldn’t pronounce so it became Chicken Alaska). She wondered when we would know when when we got there. I said we drive 66 miles till we get to the pstop sign Ha Ha Ha. No laughing from Mickey, but lots from Lynne.

We passed Eielison AFB and watched F 15’s tacking off. The roarrrrr made me want to enlist.

Ended up in downtown Chicken ( 6 buildings) had a happy hour beer, home cooked dinner, and they critiqued my English skills. Tomorrow ,the Top Of The World Highway. Note the fore and aft shot of a couple of hens.

This is Lynne. We are having the best time with our wonderful friends. Some of the roads are as bad as Barb thought they would be. It is flying by. Exploring Alaska is quite a journey, and we have the best seasoned guides to lead the way. Jack is exceptional at driving thru challenging mountain terrain. And I am learning. Low battery so time to sign off.

On Tuesday we did the Top of The World Highway from Chicken to Dawson City. Rough to start, a short paved section in the middle by customs, and then kinda scary, muddy, and slippery at the end. The trucks rear end fishtailing while you’re towing was uncomfortable. The views were worth it though.

The ferry across the Yukon was free.

After a hour and half cleaning off the mud on our rigs we’re headed downtown to the dancehall.