So after three weeks of dry camping we’re just outside of Palm Springs at Catalina Spa and Resort. FHU stands for full hook up and having the dump option on site, no generator, and water for the shower is nice.

Per the pic camping with a little less than 500 other rigs is different than what we’ve been doing. But it’s fun doing the morning walk and looking at all the diesel pushers (no we’re not moving up).

The continuation of the big sky views are awesome as was the hike up Tahquitz canyon to the waterfalls. Hike was supposed to be moderate. It was moderately under rated in arduousness. But we ignored the warning and like Dora said “We Did It, We Did It,

The falls at Tarquitz canyon

Had dinner with George and Linda Dalman, Annas in-laws and had fun comparing notes on our kids.

Linda and Yutz
We ignored this, doesn’t apply, for old people

The opulence of Palm Springs is readily apparent when you go downtown. All the stars names in the sidewalks and a larger than Mickey statue of Marilyn Monroe let you know this place is upscale.

On the other end of the economic scale we have Mr. nap taker.

The upscale main drag of Palm Springs
This homeless person in San Diego in 2017

The food and drinks will leave lasting memories.

Foo Foo Margaritas
Cadillac Margaritas
Omelette and mushroom bisque

Thursday night streetscape was more opulent than Holland. Typical the guys waiting in the penalty box and the girls doing what they they do best.

We took the tram up to the top of the hill and did a hike on slippery ice and snow. The views were breathtaking as was the elevation. The Jeffrey tree pine was supposed to have a unique smell, but Mickey couldn’t place it. Best place so far for our picnic lunch.

Sunrise at noon in the canyon
Tree sniffing
Slippery hike
What I woke up to

On monday google maps said 5.3 to Morro Bay but with L A traffic it took us over 8 hours.

Ron and Ruths Imagine


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  1. Ruth Evenhouse

    We’ll summarized, Gary!

  2. Dan and Lois

    We always enjoy reading about and seeing your adventures! Looks like great weather and beautiful surroundings.

  3. Zachary Vander Veen

    Love to see you and Mom hiking! Keep pushing yourselves. Live until you’re 100.

    Seriously, these are some great pictures!

    Love seeing the friends. I actually texted Aaron after your previous post and told him I can’t wait to do the same things with him and his family when we’re old.

    @Ron and Ruth 🙂

  4. Bonnie Palutke

    Gorgeous pictures, what God has wrought!! You guys look so happy.!
    We finally got 80’s for 5 days- beautiful- full sun! Picked up Christina Wed and Paul and Meredith coming today- leaveTues. Lots of great sight seeing- beaches
    parks, Christina shopping, great jewelry. Big race downtown, Paul’s company.

    I am doing well,Wally great with his heart. His hip giving him some trouble but we’ll wait till we get home April 5.
    Will send some pictures.