Morro Rock

Morro Bay the home of Morro Rock is about a two hours north of L A. It’s a state park that was built back in the 30’s by CCC guys just like Young state Park.

1930’s grill

Each site has a rock constructed fireplace grill. Ron’s Blackstone doesn’t have the classic look but he and it do some great meals. The bathrooms are pretty dated also but clean. The big attraction is of course Morro Rock, the leftover from a volcanic eruption.

On the south side of the rock a plethora of standing stones, which of course led to a Ray Vander Laan discussion about biblical standing stones. Mickey left her standing stone mark.

I’ve had this dream of biking the sand on a California beach for quite awhile. Today I did it. Cold and windy but worth it.

Like half of all RVrs, we travel with our dog. Willow is the wherewithal that Mickey can be gone from home as long as we are. I try to give lots of love and affection, but Willow really tops off her affection tank. She’s a really smart dog, as exhibited by knowing exactly whose not-dog-loving lap to sit in. That being: Ron and Jack. They’re gracious and do a perfunctory pet before kicking her off. In the morning I give a mostly full body scratch and she’ll lick and stretch and fart. What’s not to love.

Nose to nose
California nite sky. Orions Belt

Cioppino is the California cousin to bouillabaisse. It s seafood stew that has its roots with the Italian fishermen that would toss parts of their catch into a pot, add tomatoes, spices, garlic, and whatever and by the end of the day they had their meal. I’ve had it numerous times on my out west trips and this one in Morro Bay was awesome. The toasted garlic bread is for dipping in the stew but not so long as to get soggy. My Steenstra windmill cookies dipped into my coffee gave me a head start on the correct technique.
Remotely related, it brings to mind the great gospel song, “I’ve been drinking from my saucer cause my cup runneth over.”

They still work

This is a dry camping park so, out with the generator to charge the batteries. I’d read somewhere that thieves were clipping the cables that were being used to lock generators so I bought one of those U shaped 16” heavy duty bike locks to secure my generator to one of the front jacks. I noticed a funny odor when I ran it but didn’t pay much attention till the next morning when I discovered this. I’ve learned if you’re going to exhaust gas, make sure you’re pointed the right way.

Binocular shot

We did a rocky shoreline hike. Crashing waves, steep cliffs, and don’t get too close to the edge.

80’ down
We did a mile of this

Of course we have to have the west coast sunset shot. Took the same time for the sun to set as at Young State Park. Guess 2, 4, or 6 minutes.


Newberry Springs in the Mohave Desert was our overnight on the two day trip to the Grand Canyon. FHU, clean, a duck pond and not much else, but per usual, a great happy hour after a 6 hour drive.

Happy campers
Not bad for $40 and FHU

When we got to Mather Campground, just like Morro Bay, some female was on our lot when she wasn’t supposed to be. I politely asked her to leave and she ambled off. Elk freely roam the campsite, much to Willow’s consternation, and they have the prettiest butts.

Move please
Willow was growling
Butt shot

Only a couple of pics of the canyon because the mind pictures are so much better.

Dessert View Point

In 1956, a Super Connie and a DC 7 crashed into each other while deviating around thunderstorms by Desert View Point. All perished. That resulted in the formation of the FAA and our present day ATC (air traffic control).

This is Ron’s truck with the hood open. He’s been plagued with an electrical glitch that randomly drains his battery with no particular rhyme or reason. I gave him advice that I can’t remember what it was and it didn’t work anyway. So a Walmart portable jumper was what he needed to keep on trucking.

Verde River RV Resort is one of the nicest private campgrounds we’ve stayed at. We toured a cliff dwelling called Montezumas Castle and the next day did Oak Creek Canyon.

Montezumazs Castle
Lunch break
Don’t go any further

Skipped the touristy Sedona and went right to the Wilson Canyon hike. 2.5 miles, 370’ vertical, and rated as moderate. Only saw four other people, so a great off the beaten path experience. One guy was solo, which reminded us how not to do that, because you can’t sue national parks if you get in trouble. Peanut butter sandwiches for Mickey and Ruth when we got to the end of the trail..

We finished the Oak Creek Canyon day at Slide Rock State Park. We were here 25 years ago when it was warm and the kids had a blast doing the natural water slide. Little cold and a little old for that now.

Next stop is Casa Grande where Gary will hang out for 5 days while Mickey flys back to see granddaughter Teresa playing the lead in the play Frozen. Ron and Ruth are doing the 4 day slog back to Michigan. So just me and Willow.