So Saturday June 1 was a great retirement party. Metal Flow people, 14th Street church friend, Mickey’s sibs, my sibs, and kids and grandkids. We had it at the hangar. Happy hour, Blue Star catering, speeches and a whole lot of fellowship. I tried to get people to stop catching up and sit down for dinner, but it took Kelly Jo to get on the mic and make it happen. About 160 people who make up the mosaic of my life. Nice words said by Zach, New chief Pilot for Metal Flow Andy Gibson, CEO Kelly Springer, Dan Day and crew giving a stands for lesson on G A R Y V V, friend and MFC owner Leslie Brown and me. Quite adverse to public speaking, Andy made me tear up with his kind words about parenting and spirituality. This all coupled up with a few passing thunderstorms.

On Sunday church and then off to Pentwater for camping with retired couples Days, Frieswyks, Berghoefs, and Rykbosts for lessons on how to retire. I was told that today is really the start of retirement because on this Monday I don’t have to go to work.

Our web page is and we’ll be using it to tell our story from here on. Equally important is that this is an exercise in leading an examined life. As in I’m writing it mostly for myself. Stay tuned.

Last flight Clearfield to Holland for ZFS
Setting up for the party