Don’t break the tomatoes.

Here we are in Watson Lake after doing 450 miles of the Cassier highway. Kind of a rough road but not as bad as highway 2 in North Dakota. So far the shake rattle and roll on the fifth wheel has resulted in two broken dishes, two cupboard door latches q , one jar of olive juice on the floor. One coke can split and all over the floor, but the tomatoes have been put to bed and are no worse for wear.

4.41 per gallon for diesel same as car gas. Saw 5.00 and more back in 2003. You need to think like this, otherwise you get sticker shock on what it costs to haul your house down the highway.

7 bears yesterday and 5 today. All black bears and unlike the UP a couple of years ago haven’t hit one yet.

Saw a Suzuki VStrom doing Alaska and reminded me of 2013 with Barry Bandstra up and back on our bikes. I’m writing this in front of the fireplace, getting ready to crawl into a big bed with a flush pottery steps away and I’m in my happy place not a two man tent.

Stopped at Jade City to get the green stuff. Said how nice when she showed me and didn’t even ask the price. Fighting Willow for my lunch. Tried for a provincial park but full up so pressed on to the Al Can and a 42.00 a night private park. Steaks for dinner with a BC cab. Life is good.

Monday made it to White Horse. AlCan was in great shape. 65 mph for the most part. Didn’t read the fine print in the milepost about this gas stop being closed so Jack had to fuel from the can. When we got to white horse I go a oil change and air filter got $350.00, ouch.

Met two couples from Minnesota on the way back home. Asked if the were all still friends. The guy said for the most part. So because Jack and I go back to the third grade and Mickey and Lynne to their early 20’s, we’ve already done the friends for life test. However if person A (they know who they are) keeps making that funny face in the morning, I may have to re-evaluate.

Only the second time eating out so far at the Klondike Ribs and salmon bake. It was real good.