One of the benefits of being a member of our church is at your funeral a light lunch is served. The food is provided by the funeral home but the church people do the preparing and serving. The way it works is that Sandy puts out the request to contact Kristin or Di if you can help. Mickey and I were on the prep shift for a recent funeral where I worked on the ham or turkey on buns line. Here’s the finished product.

Now ham on buns might not be your idea of a Heavenly Feast, but the setting is so appropriate. We celebrated Lauren Baron’s life, gave comfort to his family and friends, and confirmed that his knowledge of QnA1 allowed him to crossed over Jordan. A simple meal with family and friends in this setting is way better than Butch’s or Boatworks, or the National Cathedral for that matter.

However, Mickey says she’ll be taking care of the animals in Heaven. So their must be food. And with all the references to a Heavenly Feast here’s my idea of what that looks like.

So a cup of coffee with Jesus and one (or maybe two) of the above would be just Heavenly.

So the table is set for you.