We planned on meeting the Homer group in Anchorage and pressing on to Talkeetna. While in a Campground close to Palmer I repaired the water heater. A spider 🕷 had gotten in the gas tube and screwed up the flame. This is shot after a clean out. That was the least of our troubles Thursday though. When Mickey went to retract the big slide out only one of the two motors worked. I was able to disengage the motors and we muscled it in manually. I thought it was locked in place but found out differently when doing a left turn . Another shove-in and we made it to Valley RV. Ken with his Trump 2020 hat was our bearing guy and Wade our slide out fix-it guy. He said it’s the rough roads that wore the track but it should make it home OK. Our friends showed up and off to Talkeetna.


We got a pretty good dry camp place on the Big Sue river for $25.00 a night, had grilled chicken, and went downtown. Downtown is 2 blocks and if you remember the TV show Northern Exposure, that’s Talkeetna. The girls did some serious shopping, the guys didn’t. Went to the airport in the morning and Lynne asked if I missed it. I said what I missed was the sound of the IO520 on the Cessna 185 starting up. We landed here after circling Denali in 2015. Other that leaving Vietnam, my best flight ever. Then off to Denali.