Catalina State Park

After City of Rocks we’re hard pressed to find a or more scenic campground but Catalina and Lost Dutchman are unique in their own right. Generator hours were 8 to 8 in Catalina and with nighttime lows in the teens you ran them right up til eight to get your batteries charged up to keep the furnace fan going. Mornings they would be down to 15%. Someone I know started his generator at 07:58 but I won’t say who. Jack and Lynne found out that a 5 year old battery wasn’t up to the task but their Walmart deep cycle worked great the next night.Typical desert temps in that the warm up in the morning is as dramatically as the cool down at night. Early cool downs result in 4:00 happy hours, early dinners, and in bed reading by 8:30 or so.

Wednesday we went to the Sanora Desert Museum. Learned about saguaro cactus as well as how to pronounce it. Also the critters, plants, and birds unique to the desert. Lunch at Brown Mountain.

The first arm grows at about age 75

Speaking of we really haven’t been going out to eat a lot. With state park dry camping at 20-25$ and national parks at 10$ with the golden age pass, the out west trip has been fairly economical so far. Except for ARGHHH diesel at $3.50 to $4.10 a gallon. $100+ fillups are common even with 11.4 MPG. Oh well that’s what we get for hauling your house down the road.

Thursday was a guys day starting with disc golf with our resident pro Ron. He takes his disc golf as serious as I don’t , and is quite descriptive on some of his shots. I ended up at 14 over par, Jack 11, and Ron at 9. Started in jackets and ended in t shirts.

Then it was off to the Pima Air Museum for tire kicking and remember when’s. Of course the Huey Cobra and TH-55 that Gary used to fly were particularly special. The ladies did a 3.6 mile hike so a good time was had by all and the happy hour review was satisfactory. Jack and Lynne did some serious fat tire biking on Friday and the rest of us did a old people educational hike to some ancient Native American

What I flew 53 years ago
What I instructed in a TH-55
Mickey vs Lynne
Lost Dutchman happy hour
Orions Belt/ Cassiopeia
Sunday hike
Sunday dinner, fajitas for two

Lost Dutchman still dry camping but our individual sites were great. Hiked the base of the Superstition Mountains and kept an eye for the lost Dutchman mine. These Dutchman stayed on the trail and didn’t get lost. Today was laundry day for us and then out for dinner. Only 46 degrees last night and 73 today – finally.


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  1. Susan Ooms

    What great pictures and wonderful memories being made.
    Keep on Truck ‘in and THANKS for taking us along.

  2. Dan and Lois Day

    Thanks for the update! Looks like you’re all having a great time. Enjoy!

  3. Kelly

    Looks like an amazing trip so far! Missing you guys in the hood!! Be safe and have fun!!❤️

  4. Zachary Vander Veen

    Man – those are some excellent pictures! Love the blue sky.

  5. Bonnie & Wally Palutke

    Loved your blog, remember the Saguaro National Park so well, I think we were there 10-15 times, adored it and seeing mom and dad enjoying themselves so much. Wonderful memories! Very funny, hauling your house down the road, very accurate. Quite a shot of you in front of the Cobra, you were just a kid, God’s mercies that you made it back, you had a life of giving to do. Pretty impressive the TH-SS, never saw this, I could never have mastered this. The world was less intimidating for me than
    that machine. Keep sending these wonderful pictures and insights, reliving our lives again. Love Bonnie/Wally

  6. Barbara Phillips

    NIce constellation shots ! We loved the Superstitious Mtns area, the Saguaro, and scenic stretches that contrasted ambers, mauves and deep blue sky! Even had a little protected Guila monster hop inside our front door…that WAS worrisome until we finally scooted it back outdoors before it hid ! (Wondered when the bigger Mamma would come to find her little one!)

  7. Jim Bidol

    Loved the pics and the excellent narrative too! Looked like a grand trip and adventure! Peggy and I were into camping first with pop-ups, then a 30- ft travel trailer, then a 34-ft Motor home, then a 34 ft travel trailer, and finally stopped camping altogether in 2014 a year before we moved to Fl. Many years we parked our travel trailers year around at various lakes up north and one in Jackson county ( MI) for 2- yr stints at a time. Never got out West like you and Gary, though.